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End of the Road is a campaign group made up of people, including many local residents, who do not want to have a road built from Narborough Rd, along Evesham Rd, across the Aylestone Meadows and the River Soar to Saffron Lane in Leicester.

We are opposed to such a road being built for many reasons, including: health concerns; damage to the Aylestone Meadows and the local community; serious impacts on already deprived communities; children’s safety and creating more car use, congestion and air pollution.

The End of The Road Group is calling on Leicester City Council to remove the Link Road from the Leicester Local Plan and to put in place more effective and systematic ways to relieve congestion and improve air quality in Leicester which promote equality, welfare, the environment and the health needs of the residents of the city.

The road which the End of The Road is campaigning against is a road across from Narborough Rd, along Evesham Rd, across the North end of the Aylestone Meadows and the River Soar, probably along Boundary Rd and across Aylestone Road to Saffron Lane (and then probably linking up with Putney Road). The council tried to build it in the early nineties, but was prevented by strong local opposition. We would like this not to be a plan which we have to fight every 20 or 30 years!


Last year (2017) it came up again as a possibility in the consultation for the Leicester local plan. To see the reference to it in the Local Plan on page 68, paragraph 8.19 of the “Emerging options reference document”, click here and scan down to the "Emerging options reference document". It reads “A list of potential highway improvement lines and schemes has been developed over many years....such as land protected for a link between Narborough Road and Saffron Lane involving a bridge link across the River Soar”.

On it's own this might not have been enough to ring alarm bells, but combined with the funding bid for Putney Road (see below) and personal reports from various people that they had heard both Sir Peter Soulsby and Deputy Major Adam Clark say that the road will exist in the next 10-15 years, we feel it is necessary to engage with the council on why we don't think this road is a good idea now, rather than when it's potentially too late to make a difference. 

At the moment the official council position is that it has no plan to build this road, and it is simply another line on their map of possible future roads. However, we think what they mean is no official formal plan - and that they do have an intention to build it in the next 5-15 years. We think this for the following reasons:

  • On page 8 of their funding bid for the opening of Putney Rd (signed by Adam Clarke), the council says: "Leicester City Council is considering a future scheme whereby Evesham Road would be extended to provide a direct link (new vehicular bridge over River Soar and canal) between the A426 Aylestone Road and the A5460 Narborough Road and M1/J21. There are very few river crossings in the south of the city (namely Upperton Road and Middleton Street) and providing this link would free up those congested routes across the river. The Putney Road link would greatly enhance the viability of building the Evesham Road link."