Aims and Concerns

We are opposed to a new road being built across the River Soar for many reasons including those below. We are therefore asking Leicester City Council to

  • remove the Link Road from the Leicester Local Plan

  • take it off the map of future potential roads

  • run a public consultation about what to do with the assets (land and buildings) which they have bought and own with a view to possibly building this road at some time in the future so we know that it won't come back again

  • consider effective and systematic ways to relieve congestion and air pollution in Leicester which promote equality, welfare, wildlife and the health needs of the residents of the city as well as our need to move around.


The road would run along the Northern edge of Aylestone Meadows and cut through the green river corridor which is Leicester’s largest nature reserve and home to many rare animals and plants. This would damage the delicate eco-system that is currently present.

The plan would mean a major road running alongside an infant and junior school, putting the safety of the over 400 school children at risk of being involved in road accidents as well as increasing their exposure to air pollution. It would also draw additional traffic past two other large schools on Fulhurst Avenue. See our briefing on present and possible future levels of air pollution at St Mary Fields school.

Repeated and reputable studies have shown that building new roads only provides temporary relief to traffic congestion. In the longer term, it only leads to increased traffic levels and more congestion. Click here for our traffic briefings.

Local residents feel the road would destroy the sense of community that the area currently enjoys.

We are concerned about the road’s impact on people’s health both in specific areas and for the wider population of Leicester. We’re particularly concerned about young children, the elderly, those with existing health conditions and people living in deprived areas such as Braunstone, Saffron and Highfields. Air pollution and poverty are both serious problems in Leicester already, and the addition of more roads will only spread them to a wider population, resulting in many long-term negative health effects and avoidable premature deaths. Click here to see our briefing on air pollution and health and one on the impact of the road on deprivation.