Briefings and Research

This page contains links to relevant documents and academic research; briefings we have put together summarising some of the research and other information which we think is useful.

The following briefings are here to help you lobby your councillors and ask them to speak out against this road being built.

This is all the one page briefings about why we oppose the road together in one document. It has been sent to the Leicester councillors and sums up our objections to the road. It includes:

  • solutions to congestion and air pollution
  • induced traffic - what is it and does it apply here
  • health effects of air pollution
  • the impact on children, including our air test results
  • deprivation and roads
  • Aylestone meadows
  • impact on the local community
  • references for our quotes and figures

Traffic-caused air pollution can have many serious health effects, and this road is likely to generate more pollution. See our briefings on:

The health effects of traffic related air pollution

Air pollution at Sy Mary's Fields Primary school

Do you know how this road would be likely to impact on traffic in Leicester? These one-page briefings look at research on the impact new roads have on traffic, how this applies to a road across the meadows, and the economic impacts of building new roads, all written in relation to this road across the Aylestone Meadows:


The road would cut across the north of Aylestone Meadows and through the green river corridor which is Leicester's largest nature reserve and home to many rare plants and animals.This would damage the present eco-system and have a negative impact on many people who use the Meadows. See our briefings:

Aylestone Meadows - wildlife

Aylestone Meadows - a retreat.

This briefing explains the additional risks to areas suffering the effects of deprivation from additional traffic drawn by this road.

This briefing describes ways in which  this road would negatively impact on the local community.

Leicester has a real problem with traffic generated air pollution and congestion, but building this road is likely to make it worse. Instead, we could support the council to improve public transport and walking and cycling in the city at the same time as making car driving less attractive. Where these are sytematically done together, car use reduces and cities become healthier and happier places. See here for our one page briefing on what the council could do instead of building a road. 

A two page briefing for people wanting to understand and maybe respond to the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan. The 30,000+ houses being planned for around the bottom edge of Leicester in this draft plan is one of the big drving forces behind the council’s considering building this road. Unfortunately building this housing would not do a good job of providing housing for the people who need it or protecting the environment. Here’s our briefing and our submission to the consultation.