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Aylestone Meadows Appreciation Society is committed to promoting, protecting and preserving Aylestone Meadows Local Nature Reserve and we are very concerned about the possibility of a major road being built along the LNR's border.  The nature reserve is part of a river corridor running through Leicester and if built, the road would sever this corridor to the detriment of wildlife.  A road, with its attendant noise, litter and pollution would also spoil the visitor experience in what is currently a green oasis within the city boundary. 

Aylestone Park says: No more roads, No to Putney Road, No to the Link Road, No more traffic.

It has been proved time and time again that new road schemes do not reduce traffic levels in the areas affected. In fact, they encourage more car use, which would lead to a dramatic reduction in air quality in a part of Leicester which already suffers from this and the resultant high rate of respiratory diseases.

As a Christian community group caring for the world we are opposed to the new road being built as we want to see a greater investment in sustainable and clean transport and not a support of polluting and destructive transport.

Leicester already has illegal levels of air pollution. It is well known that building roads creates traffic, which will only make the air pollution worse. The City Council needs to invest in sustainable forms of transport and stop encouraging car use.

New roads do not solve traffic problems, they only generate more traffic. Leicester's road capacity is perfectly adequate outside the rush hour. What is required is better public transport in conjunction with forward-looking ideas for reducing peak congestion, not outdated road building proposals. This is a strategic issue which impacts not only on everyone already living in Leicester but also on future residents - and thus the long-term viability of the city. The City Council has some very impressive policies on transport sustainability. A decision to erase the notional Evesham Road link from the Local Plan would be a very public way of showing that they actually mean something in practice.

We understand that making more space for cars encourages more driving. Therefore our first position is that the Council not undertake road building and expansion. Good viable alternatives - better infrastructure for walking, cycling and public transport – should be the first priority. If the Council decides it must go forward with a plan likely to encourage driving, we will consider and respond to issues that we think will affect cycling such as the position and quality of cycle lanes and placement of the road generally.

Footpaths works to reduce climate change by supporting people to reduce their personal carbon footprints. We are opposed to this road because it will encourage more people to drive and make it harder for them to use active and public transport instead – we need to change the car culture which exists in this country, not encourage it. We want to see Leicester City Council stop prioritising car users and start sytematically putting in place policies which help people to choose not to use cars.

Leicester Friends of the Earth opposes all road building to relieve traffic congestion because it never does. Creating more capacity for motor vehicles just creates more traffic and we need to be using less fossil fuels to reduce climate change.

We support this campaign, as there is overwhelming evidence proving road building to relieve congestion does not work. More roads mean more congestion, air pollution, inequality and ill health.

Aylestone Meadows is perhaps the best and most extensive site for wildlife within the city of Leicester and together with the River Soar forms an extremely important wildlife corridor for a wide range of valuable flora and fauna. We are opposed to any development that threatens the future of this priority area for wildlife and believe that construction of a new road through it would have an overall detrimental effect on this important habitat.

The Evesham Road scheme is part of a wider plan to create a new middle ring road through Putney Road and Victoria Park Road. The Council’s own evidence shows that the Putney Road link road doesn’t work. It creates congestion, it doesn’t solve it. Congestion creates delays, increases pollution and reduces air quality,  If Evesham Road is built the problems will get much worse. The Evesham Road scheme was rejected 25 years ago and it should be rejected again – and finally. Say No to Putney Road also Says No to Evesham Road.

The Woodgate Residents Association are opposed to the Evesham Road route and support the "End of Road" campaign. More roads are not needed. More roads actually increase traffic. And at the end of the road there would just be another junction to cause congestion. This route would negatively affect the Aylestone Meadows area flora and fauna. This is a "green lung" for the city and a flood plain, where people can walk and get away from the city. We can't afford to lose any green space at all. The route would negatively affect those residents local to Evesham Road by increasing pollution, noise, and hell while the work is on going.

CPRE Leicestershire does not support building a road across Aylestone Meadows.  We stand with communities trying to protect the green spaces they value for their wellbeing. Please note that CPRE are supporting, rather than part of, this coalition.

The Putney Road and Evesham Road schemes are clearly intended to create a new partial ring, taking traffic off the inner ring road and transferring the associated congestion and pollution into residential areas. New roads encourage drivers to make more journeys, so this short-term ‘solution’ actually worsens traffic-related problems in the long term. FCP would prefer to see better provision for alternative means of transport and supports both the ‘Putney Road Say No’ and the ‘End Of The Road’ campaigns. Please note Friends of Clarendon Park have joined the coalition as supporters rather than members for the time being.